Pre-Owned 2001 Cessna 172 at

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€ 115,900.00

General Description

This aircraft was delivered in November 2001, and is in very good condition. Hangared by private owner. New annual + 100 hrs extensive inspection with New brakes, new Tires, 0 timed prop, 0-timed magnetos, new static wicks, ELT-406, etc August 2010. AD´s / SB´s up to date. Fresh updated KMD-550 / KLN-94 data cards. Very good maintenance records. Paint and Windows very good, with nice and clean two tone Leather Interior. We have seen and owned more late C-172 than most of the folks out there, and this is one nice treated good looking C-172SP. You will love it.
Fly N-reg, or we do EASA. We pay your travel expenses if plane is not as told.

For more information please contact us.

Technical Details:

Total time since new: 1200 Hrs
Total time Engine, and type: 1200 Hrs Lycoming IO-360-L2A 180 hp. Fuel Injected.
Total time Propeller, and type: 0000 Hrs McCauley: 1A170E/JHA7660 Sep 2010.


White with 2001-2002 stripes. 9/10
Two tone leather in 2001-2003 design. 9/10

This is a private owned hangared aircraft. Very very nice.


Audio Panel: KMA-28 with 4 place Voice activated Stereo intercom, with Pilot/Crew/All mode.
Com/Nav 1: King KX-155 A with KI-209 VOR/Glideslope Indicator.
Com/Nav 2: King KX-155 A with KI-208 VOR Indicator.
X-ponder: King KT-76 with Flight level information.
GPS: King KLN-94 IFR certified with Colour Moving map.
Multi function Display: KMD-550 w Moving Map, and connections for Weather and TCAS.
Auto Pilot: KAP-140 Fully coupled with Altitude Hold, and Altitude Pre select.
ELT: Elt -406 Installed new 2010.

Fuel Injected Engine, Fuel Flow indicator, EGT, Yoke Mounted PTT, Electric Trim and Autopilot Disconnect, Rosen Sun visors, Dual Vacuum system, Timer, Digital clock + All standard “late Cessna” equipment. Let us know if you are NOT familiar with this equipment. Fly 127 Kts @ 6.000 ft @ 9.5 GPH.


Price: € 115.900.- + 18% VAT if applicable (No VAT outside EU or if buyer has VAT ID.)

We are no broker, we own this aircraft, stored in our hangar in Sweden.

Where are we?

We are located in Varberg Sweden, just 70 km south of Gothenburg on the Swedish West Coast.
We deliver aircrafts all over Europe.
We have long time partner in the US, working together on a daily basis.
We guarantee that aircraft is in condition we say, or we pay your travel expenses to visit us.


Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: 172
Type: SE
Registration: EASA / N
Year: 2001
Fuel Type: Avgas
Added on: 2010-09-23 12:34:00


Continent: (Europe)
City/Airfield: Varberg / Gothenburg


Carl Bondesson
Varberg / Gothenburg, ESGV / ESGG
Phone: +46 340 671150
Fax: +46 340 671405
Mobile: +46 708 871150